Catch a Chevy Campaign

Two weeks ago, I had my toes in the sand, a fruity umbrella drink, and a pleather of good music to jam to all day and night long.  If you can’t guess where I was, I was at the Hangout Festival.  On the first day of my vacation I spotted a campaign that immediately struck me as genius.  Chevy brought all their new 2014 vehicles to promote them at the Hangout Festival.  Did they have a booth and have their vehicles sitting outside with sticker prices on them?  No.  That’s boring.  If I’ve seen one car dealership booth, I’ve seen them all.  I get it, you can’t do much with a sitting vehicle.  Chevy however, completely changed the game of marketing new vehicles by their recent festival campaign.  After doing some research I realize this was not Chevy’s first rodeo, they had performed this same marketing stunt at SXSW a music festival in Austin, TX.  Chevy took their newest models, models the majority of the public had not seen in person yet, and created their own free taxi service.  The slogan was “catch a chevy” and all you had to do was flag down a Chevy on the road and you would get a ride.  The Chevy’s were decorated with stickers with the slogan, so you were not running up to random chevy vehicles, you could easily tell which ones were part of the promotion.  They were strict to follow the rules, no open beer cans, no more than 4 passengers, which usually meant our group had to catch 3-4 Chevy’s.  But still, they were free.  They were doing a good deed for the community by helping promote safe driving.  A lot of times at large events like this taxi’s are impossible to catch, so some think they can take the risk and drive when they shouldn’t be driving.  Catching a Chevy eliminated this.  They had a line you can stand in if needed, but we hardly ever had to catch a ride.

Sure, the taxi services were probably irate, but they were too busy ripping the festival goers off to be too much.  We grabbed one taxi the entire weekend and swore that off.  It was a van, and we were going less than a mile.  She charged us $5 a person and there were 12 of us in there. All of our jaws dropped. There were random pedestrians who would charge $10 for a whole group to give them a ride in the bed of their truck. So taxi’s were definitely taking advantage of the increase population, but that’s a different story.

Back to the campaign each time you got in a car they had the same wristband scanner set up as the festival did to track how many entered.  So Chevy was able to record how many people came in and our of their cars.  They had a comment book, which I wrote an extremely nice comment to show how much I loved this campaign.  I believe it said something like “Best Festival Sponsors EVER!” and it was true. Chevy found a need for the music festival, rides, because like I said taxis are a nightmare and most streets are blocked from driving, and they creative a positive atmosphere for their brand.  Now, that is not going without saying I have not seen the reports.  I have not seen the numbers, I am not sure what Chevy lost in gas money for the weekend.  I know the distances traveled weren’t far, but distance is distance whenever it comes to gas. So, as long as the gas prices didn’t break the bank for the Catch a Chevy campaign, I would say A+.





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Effective Marketing vs. Non-Effective Marketing

It would be a common assumption to think “spending the extra dollar” would make marketing more effective than not spending any money on marketing.  While for the most part this is true, I came across an instance where this was not the case.  It was a Friday afternoon and I was attending my first Minor League Smokie’s game.  While we were sitting there enjoying a hot dog, the boy who is walking around carrying the drink cart looks at our group, sees 7-8 mid twenty year olds and shouts out, “Coors, Bud Light, Miller Light… Why get up when I can hand it to you?”

I literally sat there, thought about it for a split second, then said out loud, “touche” and all of my friends agreed and we bought 7 beers from him. That was a prime example of effective marketing without having to spend any money.  I am not sure if he thought of it, or if the Smokies Marketing thought of it, I would hope the second one, but either way, that’s an example of advertising the best of his ability and making the best out of the situation, and zero money was required.  He could have just walked around and said “Cold beer, get your beer”, but that wouldn’t have had the same “ah hah” moment that presented the connection between the consumer and the product, which resulted in me purchasing the product.  First catch their attention with a clever line (Why get up when I can hand it to you), then make the connection (the connection being convenience- I do want to get up and stand in line with 20 other people and miss the game), while results in affecting the consumer buying behavior (i.e. my group purchasing the beer from the guy walking around instead of walking to the concession stand). 


Here is a picture of me at the Smokie’s game, post-beers for your viewing pleasure. 


With every good, there comes a bad.  With this blog topic, I am sure there are much more bads whenever brands choose to not spend money on advertising.  I happened to stumble upon a bad example directly after the Smokie’s game, whenever I made our car pull over at a gas station so I could use the restroom.


I feel as if I don’t even need to say anything about this, but I will add my two cents in.  For one, do not advertise on the back of bathroom stalls, it’s just trashy (pun intended). No one cares/ wants to think about food while they are using the restroom, and especially not jumbo broiled peanuts.  What this sign did for me was I made a mental note to get out of this gas station as soon as possible. Not before washing my hands of course! Bad move, store owners, bad move.


Lastly, I wanted to provide another example I came across that portrays effective marketing whenever you do spend the money.  I was visiting Denver last week at a place called View House. (If you are ever in Denver- go! Awesome place for a Sunday Funday with an amazing brunch, volleyball court, corn hole, and many more outdoor activities, plus a roof top patio!) Anyways, while we were sitting there a guy came up with a large box and kind of slammed it on the ground so naturally we all turn around.  All he did was open the box and once everyone saw free t-shirts, they swarmed.  Naturally, I jumped up and grabbed two mediums for my friend and I, because if there’s one thing I love- it’s free t-shirts.  Whenever it comes to free t-shirts you can really mess it up though, because you don’t want to have the free t-shirt that everyone takes because it’s free, but then it gets thrown away, or they get home and realize how stupid of a t-shirt it was and how it will never get worn and will only take up space.  So then you cut it up and use it as dish rags. You do not want the t-shirts you bought to be cut up into dish rags, so put some thought into them. None of that cheesy crap, a cheesy, free t-shirt you’ve received at least once in your life just popped into your mind right now, I just know it).  Anyways, on this particular day, the gentleman was promoting a new movie: The Neighbors. They decided to target 20-30 year olds, I knew this because 1. they came to a popular bar on a Sunday and 2. the shirts said b*tches on them, any age above 39 would not want to wear a t-shirt that says b*tches front and center on it. The free t-shirts were American Apparel, a well respected brand all across the country that I know them for having soft, high quality shirts.  That is what caught my eye immediately, if I can get an American Apparel shirt for free, I am not missing out.  They also made coasters that they passed around the outdoor patio, which did not already have coasters, so once I read it, I began utilizing the coaster and sat my drink on it.  All in all I thought this was successful. I went home that night and watched the trailer for The Neighbors, and based on that experience and what I saw on the trailer, I will go see this.  Just by what happened that day with the t-shirts and me being in Denver, I have that connection with that movie now. The promotional marketing items created that connection, and the same with every time I wear the shirt I will think of the movie until I absolutely must go see it because its killing me. I have included two pictures below I snapped on my iphone to give you guys a better visual of the promotional items I have been discussing. 






Americans and Sports + Room For Sports Marketing & Branding

It’s no secret Americans love sports.  Not all, but most Americans grow up playing them, even if they don’t continue to once they grow older.  Those of us such as myself who still eat, sleep, breath sports, we even hope our kids will play sports.  The Super Bowl is no shocker as one of the most watch Television events, with over a million viewers.  As well as THE place to have your advertising, with 30 second TV ads costing brands $4 million dollars.  While that may sound extreme, it’s not.  For example, 

“Wallethub reports that Anheuser-Busch has spent $145.9 million on Super Bowl ads since 2009.

It’s easy to see a $4 million dollar price tag on a 30-second spot as exorbitant, but in reality it’s little more than a drop in the bucket for some of these bigger corporations. Anheuser-Bush pulled down $40 billion in revenue in 2013; and several Super Bowl advertisers regularly pay out multimillion dollar executive salaries.” (via:

Did you ever think about how the NFL draft may affect your brand? I like to pride myself on being a football enthusiast for the female gender in today’s society.  My mom taught me the game of football in the second grade, because I told her if she was going to force me to watch this stuff, I wanted to understand it.  So football has been embedded into my life for a while. Before social media, I had no idea how big of an impact the NFL draft had on society.  To me, the draft was way too much talking, not enough action. But yet it affected my night.  It affected my conversations, it affected my plans where I went that night had to be somewhere we could watch the draft, and it affected my social media the most.  My twitter feed was going NFL draft ballistic.  For example, this is how my phone looked for all of yesterday/ last night:


As Marketers, it is crucial for us to think outside of the box.  Sure, it’s easy to think we need to have an ad on the Super Bowl, but what about the NFL Draft?  Not as many viewers, but still a large chuck of viewers watching, discussing, and engaging in social media while doing this. Here is one example of a brand who is ahead of their competitors, and already jumped on the NFL draft wagon.  Tide NFL is a twitter account that says “Celebrating the colors of 32 NFL teams. They’re more than just colors. They’re.” I continually saw this on my timeline, and decided to check it out.  I am glad I did, what a neat advertising campaign.  It tugs at your heart, engages the players who everyone recognizes since they are basically celebrities now, and they incorporate a short, but clever hash-tag.  Too many brands do not know how to successfully hash-tag.  When I think of Tide, I think of moms who do your laundry as being a target market. They took a brand that has a small relevance to football, only by washing their uniforms, and completely transformed into being one of the largest brands associated with the NFL draft with a new target market of men and sport fanatics. Hats off, Tide. Image


Trend Progression

Festival Fashions

Brands are finally starting to catch on the festival craze, and all I can say is it’s about time!  For several years I was wondering why more companies did not jump on this band wagon.  The number of people you reach and the target market is so large, diverse, and ranges in age it is a win win for marketing.  More than $1.34 billion will be spent sponsoring music venues, festivals and tours this year, a 4.4% increase from 2013, according to areport from IEG. “If you’re a brand you want to be associated with someone having a transformation moment in their life,” said Chad Isaaq, exec VP of business development and partnerships at Superfly Productions, co-creator of festivals including Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tenn.  

Look at this list of all of the festivals this year.  It is seriously long, and people take festivals very seriously. You don’t just go to one, you have to decide which ones you can sacrifice and not go to one. Yes, festivals also have a down side.  They are known for drugs, but I want to help in the movement to change this perception.  Festivals are for the love of music.  I want to bring more positive light to festivals and show that not all people who go to these are strung out on who knows what.  I think one great way to do that is by Festival Fashion. Olay even came out with a line of Fresh Effects that targeted festivals, and using their products at festivals.  It’s genuis.  You can find an example of this at  Many of the fashion bloggers I follow on instagram are posting post about Coachella trends.  I don’t know what made brands wait so long to get on this, but better late than never I persume. I found an interesting article from Ad Age that supported my same thoughts of festival marketing and branding, and here is a quote to prove it, “Last year, some 447 brands played a role in 300 music festivals worldwide, according to analysis by Frukt. Not surprisingly, the most dominant category was alcohol.” (View the entire article here: These festivals are bringing in record numbers of people.  Take Bonnaroo for example, the one I went to two years ago brought over 400,000 from all across the United States.  I saw people my age up to my parents age and every age in between.  I even saw small kids there, festival families do exist.  Festivals are so more than just a place to get into trouble- they are a way of life.  Take this article from Elle, that shows how the Coachella Diet is now a trend.  People change their lifestyles for festivals, and they shape people and have an effect on items they are purchasing.  I am going to the Hangout Festival in May, and the last few shopping trips I have concentrated on Hangout outfits and bikinis.  This effects my buying styles, as well as the thousands of others.  It it crucial for brands to not miss out on this movement, I do not see it going anywhere anytime soon.



If you still aren’t convinced, I hate to break it to you- but numbers don’t lie.

Look at this report stating how many post #Coachella received on Instagram.  That’s not even counting the ones who posted their photos without the hash tag.  If you weren’t at Coachella, social media made you regret it.  Even just media in general.  Everywhere you looked it was Coachella.  Whether that be on my personal twitter feed, whenever I opened Yahoo News, E! News whenever I turned on TV, everywhere I looked the entire country was going Coachella crazy.


Weekend 1: 36,130 total posts
Weekend 2: 26,849 total posts



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Another semester behind me

As the Spring 2012 semester is ending, I felt the need to update a blog post.  I am in my Senior year at Western Kentucky still.  I just recently took on an internship for the summer in Louisville, Kentucky where I will be working under Creative Alliance ( and my title is in the Account Services department.  I am extremely excited to have a summer job in my field and to gain some experience.  I am still on track to graduate in December of 2012 and then begin my real job hunting experience! Feel free to email me any questions or potential jobs!

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Twitter and Facebook Today

Posted on December 1, 2010.

Just how much impact does twitter and facebook have in today’s world?

Let’s just say alot.

We all know that “everyone” does it, but to actually sit down and think about how many people in the world, this very second, are on twitter or tweeting or changing their status or facebook picture, it’s unreal. So i decided to dig a little deeper.

Upon researching, I found that as of today the top 10 popular people to follow on twitter are:

Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Barack Obama.

This table was found at

I think it’s interesting the different types of people that are among the favorite searches in twitter. Facebook and twitter’s largest influence I feel, and this could be due to the fact I’m learning about it in my major, but with marketing today’s products.  Anyone that’s anything has a facebook, twitter, tublr account, if you don’t you seriously are snoozing through life.

At, it said that according to facebook’s Demographic and Statistics growth rate is up 145% in 1 year. Other key facts found were:

The 35+ demographic now represents more than 30% of the entire user base.

The 55+ audience grew a whopping 922.7% in 2009.

Atlanta had the highest growth rate in 2009 at 267.6

Facebook and social networking has grown so much faster than previous media technology it’s unreal.  It honestly makes me excited how technology is evolving, and how quickly it’s doing so! It has been debated if social media is a fad, I feel that twitter and facebook have had such an impact on our lives and our media, that we will infact never not use some form of social networking site to communicate with others.  People for years have been working for ways to easier communicate with those they can’t live near.  It started with letter writing, telephone convos, texting, email, ect. The process is only going to continue, and I can’t wait to be along for the ride.

Podcast One Thought At A Time.

Over the weekend I went through a variety of ideas, decisions, and mind changing.  Unfortunately, I was not near a computer to actually post day by day, but I was able to type my blog post into my cell. Therefor, I am going to bluetooth them to my Mac and put them all in one blog post but separated by dates.

Thursday 11/18/10

I finished with my tests for the week, so I’m able to finally think about my podcast.  The first thought is realization that the more interesting the subject, the easier it will be on me to complete the required time limit.  I start by concentrating on the subject of my podcast rather than the process or other factors.

Myself and college roommate Cristina Major’s story of going to school in Los Angeles for two years.

My hometown of Leitchfield Kentucky’s transition from a dry county to a moist county (alcohol can be sold in restaraunts)

Fashion Designer job after college and her journey from cities to cities.

Friday 11/19/10

Decision has been made! I felt it would be much easier for myself to tell the story about my hometown due to the hectic schedules of my friends with finals and I don’t want to miss the deadline that the assignment is due.

Saturday 11/20/10:

Research begins.

First, I got on our class website on Blackboard, to look at the given links and information about podcasts.  After printing those I had all the information I needed to get started.

Next I wrote the script to my podcast by following an example from  I had to plan the script at least 10 minutes because that was the minimum requirement.

Next I had to set up the equipment and scene the podcast would take place, so I picked to use my Mac in a quite room with no one in the house and warned everyone not to come home for a bit.  Before this project, I thought using your computer for this would be the low-end way to go, but I read from the same article I posted earlier that, “one of the biggest trends in recent audio production involves merging digital recording with computer technology.” so my computer was now the easy choice.

After checking every room in my house and brainstorming where the interview could take place, where my apple could sit, ect. I decided it would take place in my living room.

After getting everything and everyone ready, the interview began.